• Job - a delivery made or to be made by a driver
  • Route - a sequential set of Jobs
  • Project - a collection of Jobs and Routes for a specific delivery date

In Routo, a project is where you will be mainly spending your time on. A project represents a collection of jobs and routes for a given date. Typically, you can create one project for one day's worth of deliveries.

Each of your deliveries is represented by a Job. A job has the following fields:

  • ID / Name - this is typically the Order ID from your eCommerce system, e.g. Shopify.
  • Location - this is where the delivery destination is
  • Job Start Time & Job End Time - these fields specify the time frame which the job should be completed within, e.g. 10:00AM - 2:00PM
  • Notes - any additional notes you would like to include. This will appear on the driver's application, so it's a great place to add any important notes you'd like the driver to see!
  • Load - the amount of vehicle capacity this job will take. See Vehicle Capacities and Job Load for more details.
  • Additional Information - any additional information you would like to include on the job. See Adding Additional Information to your Jobs for more details.

You can choose to add jobs manually, import them via CSV or import them from any of your integrations.

Routes are a sequential set of jobs that are typically arranged based on distance or time. They can be dispatched to your drivers for them to execute the delivery jobs.

You can either let Routo optimize the routes for you or create the routes manually.